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New York
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I started drawing in 2008, getting ideas while I was on my way to work. Last year, I begun painting with acrylic on canvas.

My inspiration comes mostly from Women and Fashion. My first collection of paintings is named “Sexy Lady Curves”. It represents femininity, sensuality, sometimes even sexuality, staging provocative women. It’s a part my ideal woman, someone I envy and would like to be.

I grew up in Paris, and moved in New York City a year ago, to live with my lover. I didn’t studied Art, but International Business, and never took painting courses. I like to feel independent and to do things my own way, using the trial and error method.

I am also the Business & Operations Manager of The Djites, Inc., a fashion brand that I created in 2012 with my husband, Ulrich Djite.

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New York
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New York
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