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I was born in Glennwood Springs, CO and have spent most of my life in Sarasota,Fl. Here I grew up in acting, singing, and dancing classes from the age of 9. I then decided to go to a school for Performing Arts. Through all the training and experience I found my "niche" so you could say. I love it all. I write and play my own music on a ukulele. I am with a film company called "Lethal Productions". As a talent and Assistant Casting Director. I dance in my free time and every once in a while I will go back to the theater I grew up in and do a show.

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I have done countless amounts of live theater at The Sarasota Players Theater, Manatee Players Theater and Booker High Performing Arts Center.
-Checkmate By James Hunter
-Sunflower By Kelly Carter
-Inked By Kelly Carter
-Through Their Eyes By Blue Monkey Productions
-8:59 By Paul Krishner
-Juxed By James Hunter


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Alex R. Foster
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