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Where I Come From (2005)

By mikeymell

Where I come from, people are disparate.  They are filled with synthetic nutrients, and made to believe their specific morality should apply to others.  They are reminded daily that everyone should be like them, even though everything can't be the same.  We would just have big rock floating in space, much like the rocks that float around nearest to us.

Where i come from, people separate themselves by their differences, so they can live in a wold where everyone thinks the same.  They accept the hopes and dreams of others, and are not presented with hoped and dreams of their own.  They are slowly and thoroghly topped off with the things they don't want, and they have been taught that if it isn't on the menu, it isn't available.  Their insatiable thirst for variety has brought them to a point of absorbing all that is ubiquitous while trying to form a unique mold out of it.

They are reminded what they should think, what they should wear, and how they should talk if they want to be part of any community, but the word has been distorted, and now has lost all of its meaning.

Community can never die, as long as it takes more than one person to survive.  And our world requires it.  If there did not exist those who derive great satisfaction from fixing cars or cooking meals, we would not have the world we live in.

We are taught that cushy white colar jobs are the means to a better life, and taught to complain when our dirty blue collar work is shipped overseas to the latest exploited people.

Where i come from, peope are becoming savvy.  Like all people, they can only stomach so much before they can't listen anymore.  Think of your broken hearted friend, who can't help but continually talk about the pain and the loss of the experience.  After awhile you've heard it all, and so you turn a deaf ear.  But you never stop listening, because you still care.

Where i come from, the people who are responsible for the basic needs of our technocracy have stopped listening to our broken hearted tale.  True, they keep the water running, and the lights still work.  And it must be conceded that there's a road to almost anywhere.  These people, who find in themselves the passion and the drive to keep our way of life going have failed us.

Where I come from, the people at the top do not have windows.  They do not allow their children to grow up without a classical education, and they encourage them to be worldy and innovative.  They regularly consume culture of all types, and surround themselves with motivated and creative people who inspire them (whether out of admiration or spite) to work harder.

Where I come from, the shepherds have abandoned their flock.  A few people cannot call every power station in a 5000 square mile radius and ensure everyone has lights.  And a few people cannot go to every chemical plant and see that waste is not being dumped.  A few people cannot ensure that there is a school and hospital to service every area, and cannot coordinate disaster relief.  However, if you put them at the helm of a beurocracy, almost anyone can see that society's basic needs are met.

If an individual thinks they have a 'priviledged' life, should that not immediately point to a reason not to take it for granted?
The opportunity to coordinate large groups of people is not divine, and it takes a hell of alot more than one person.  These people forget that their comfortable lives are rewarded to them not only because they earned it, but because society considers it to be adequate compensation.  The president does not get a nice house and premium transportation just because he is powerful or important.  It is a gift from the flock.  The people feel that anyone with a job that important should be afforded comfort.  Just like society doesn't mind that software companies have so much money, because society appreciates the value of technology.  Not in monetary terms, but in the sense of advancing society.

Where i come from, people hate their government, but they sure love electricity.  We have all made mistakes in our lives and hurt the ones we love the most, and sometimes they have found it in their hearts to forgive us and give us another chance.  All of us, at one time or another, have truly felt sorry for something we've said or done.  If there is a sentient higher force in the universe who could take a physical form which would not shock us, and speak our language, he might come here and tell us our job was to grow, to take our spirits and our consciousnesses to a higher level.

Where I come from, people are told that humans were born into a paradise, and that they were cast out for not respecting the social contract they had agreed to.  If that higher power could speak to us, he might tell us that just because we got kicked out doesn't mean we can;t go back.

Where I come from, the people who lead refuse to let us believe we could live in heaven on earth.

Of course, where I come from, when the money runs out, and the food runs out, and the trains stop running, no one will have much.

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