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The Mudhouse (1997)

By mikeymell

There's like this world, see,

Right outside our own.

But you can't see it

until you put your sunglasses on.


Right there in plain view,

on Progresso Drive,

the other side of the railroad tracks,

down the block from the greasy burger,

many a night was burned drinking in the ambience

from french Waiters and Moms.


Seeing the king's unicyclist,

and Jay putting on his



Mister Insanity always in denial,

a slow motion replay of choppy film footage


It only took one clap

to empty that cup.

Some punk who didn’t care,

And spilled the beans out of some kid.

Redeye all over the sidewalk.


Nowadays, the building crumbles,

but the tracks are still there.

And as I pass by it

On dreamy summer nights,

I see it all play before me.

Crusty technicolor memories,

Of a black and white world.



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