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Goodbye (2000)

By mikeymell

You came to me last nite

Hair piled on your head like a used mop,

Thousand watt halogen eyes.

You looked uneasy

And the static air

Porcupined my neck.



Speaking to you

leaves a shit taste in my mouth,”

you said.


“The truth hurts” was my only reply.

And the sweet blueberry I gave

was as the sugar in my words


“I’m with him now, and we’re happy,” you said.

And the light burned bright.

The wind blew you away,

empty candy wrapper.


You spent all your money

He drank and smoked

Dealt in lies and put your dreams in his blood.

You thought he lit the stars,

And put the minute hand on time

In your clichéd state of mind.


But no love in the world

Would save you.

And your holy grail

Is nothing but an empty cerveza

Lying on the floor of your empty heart,

In less time time than it takes snow

to melt.

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