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The Most Influential Contemporary Artist: Jackson Pollock

By nehagupta

An artist of American origin, Mr. Pollock was an indispensable part of the abstract expressionist movement. Known for his unique style of drip paintin...

YJHFMMI (1999)

By mikeymell

I'm sitting in the dark,
cool green tablelight of my own mind
pouring out onto the floor.
Sometimes I think I’m crazy,
but its so cliched these days...

still sittin (2002)

By mikeymell

im still sitting
(though it may be a different chair),
in a room, about the same
as many of the others
(but the view isnt as nice).
sculpting w...

The Mudhouse (1997)

By mikeymell

There's like this world, see,
Right outside our own.
But you can't see it
until you put your sunglasses on.
Right there in plain view,
on Progresso...

Confessiion (2002)

By mikeymell

i live in a mental ward.
It is sunny and happy here.
Never is fighting
terminal interests or banana boats.
no gravy.
it is madness tnat i br...

INDIGO (a free form poetic collection)

By Brian_Dryer

Poem 1 -Two Lost Souls
Fire Lightning
Deep Inside
Ignite My Mind
My Satellite
Inside Tonight
I Light The Flame
Of Memory
You And Me
Just Two Lo...

I Wish I Was Stupid (2002)

By mikeymell

i wish i was stupid
and didn't know why the sky was blue
or why grass turned brown and crackly
like 5 day old growth on my face
i wish i was a fool

Something (2003)

By mikeymell

touching the sky
my mind ffoats away
wispy and free
the things i admire the most
are the things that are the easiet to attain
and another day passes

Goodbye (2000)

By mikeymell

You came to me last nite
Hair piled on your head like a used mop,
Thousand watt halogen eyes.
You looked uneasy
And the static air
Porcupined my neck....

Clouds (1999)

By mikeymell

Fluffy grey matter,
Matted across the sky.
It thinks, and the impulse
Riding sparks fly
node to node,
Blowing winds
cold smooth flesh.

The Art World is Flat

By LivingArt8

Colors explode over the canvass of Life.
The banker childs' delight is the poor womans' strife.
Art dealers feed until oceans run dry.
Monuments for E...

Stream of Consciousness 5 (1997)

By mikeymell

I run for miles.
Feet cutting on tile strewn
with broken glass,
and pieces of dreams and flaky skin.
I look inside of myself to snatch a peek
of the ...

Ode To A Tuesday Night (2002)

By mikeymell

i close my eyes and
nothingness blankets over
color explosion
behind these blinders
i feel your breath on my neck
caress me to sleep
i taste you in d...

Eden (2001)

By mikeymell

Perennials and palms
wishy washing around ocean breezes.
Patches of cool shade
covering the green blazer of earth.
I stare for hours
at the one per...

Experiment in Cinquain 3 (1997)

By mikeymell

In school
We learn of life
a world we don't belong
Knowledge used only for money
such fools...
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