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untitled 2(2010)

by bcc05

lost in the wastes of time
these obstacles you cannot climb
searching for something
your soul is what i find
safely tucked away


by bcc05

collapsing into an oblivious state of mind i search for something unseen. I deny myself respite from my desperation and depressi...

I Wish I Was Stupid (2002)

by mikeymell

i wish i was stupid
and didn't know why the sky was blue
or why grass turned brown and crackly
like 5 day old growth on my face

Whisper Song

by Joshua Shader

Such a sweet song, so serene slumbering on my chest.

A gentle whisper passing by my ear.

Please carry your wisdom into m...

sustaining lies

by bcc05

breathing in the intoxicating fury
homeostasis is not an option
indifference allows the separation
i find truth in death
life on...

untitled 3(2010)

by bcc05

waiting for these moments to end
coming full circle again
you'll never comprehend
why i had to pretend
this person inside
is wha...

untitled 4

by bcc05

has happiness arrived? is this just a fantasy that has personified itself through my imagination? i am lost in my own confusion....

untitled 7

by bcc05

weary decisions made by an indecisive man. incomplete contemplations of the future. i have become oh so tired. my mind hurts as ...

Pourquoi la galerie associative « Chez toi, Chez moi » ne veut pas de subventions ?

by Asgeir

Stangerup, auteur danois a écrit un livre sur les subventions étatiques. Il pensait que l’Etat danois uniformisait l’Art e...

Road of Self, UNdiscovered

by Joshua Shader

Blood pumping, thumping sound,
Standing ready, steady fists clenched like stone,
A practiced quiescent, transcendent mind,
Fire ...

Accidentally (2002)

by mikeymell

I sit down on the couch and hear
a crashing sound rush in from outside.
As I open the door,
a shadow slides behind the table, hi...

Confessiion (2002)

by mikeymell

i live in a mental ward.
It is sunny and happy here.
Never is fighting
terminal interests or banana boats.
no gravy.

untitled 7(2010)

by bcc05

forsaken in this land of desire
this desolate wasteland of fallencies
my indiscriminate truths unheard
oh so tired of all of you...

The 8 defining characteristics of Metaconceptual Art

by LivingArt8

#WTF is MetaConceptual Art ?!
The 8 Defining characteristics of Metaconceptual Art are:
1. A returning of the Formless to Form (...

The Art World is Flat

by LivingArt8

Colors explode over the canvass of Life.
The banker childs' delight is the poor womans' strife.
Art dealers feed until oceans ru...

untitled 4(2010)

by bcc05

break me out of this cage
get these thoughts out of my brain
slowly slipping away
finally released into being insane
so comforta...

Essence of Free WIll

by Joshua Shader

Lies and deception upon my reflection

From whom from what I don’t recall

I am at the front line the main line,

With the ...

Experiment in Cinquain 3 (1997)

by mikeymell

In school
We learn of life
a world we don't belong
Knowledge used only for money
such fools...

broken man

by bcc05

insomnia drenched in sleep
envious of the tranquil
knocked down by the fists of a broken man
the topsoil looks down with glee
i ...

Black & Blank

by selfexpressione

Black & Blank
Have you ever hurt so much, that there is black in you mined all the time?
Have you ever love so much. Ther...

Is This Art?

by Grey Cross Studios

In a recent article on Co.DESIGN – Art That Exposes Weird Glitches in Google Maps, a review was done of an artist who noticed...


by kym

My precious bird
So frail in your strength
I pick you up in my hands
Both of us shaking with fear
You bite …. I bleed
The feel...

Jasmine the Puppy coming along in new Chirldren's story paintng

by irajane

A Super busy week teaching and then working on the door at the Good Vibrations music event on Friday night. Great to see Christc...

What Was I Thinking Pt. 1

by Damien72

Saturday waiting for 11:30 pm so I can get down
on the dancefloor to dance to current club hits
Ate lunch, went shopping, did ar...

Birthday Poem

by Joshua Shader

Here i come, its a new me can't you see.
On a mission with much ambition.
I am Older, bolder stronger, now, a bit wiser, but...

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26 bars

by risenmonk


by Richap

Like an Octopus



by Richap


by Richap

Merge (a spoken word poem)

by Brian_Dryer

Sain et Sauf

by risenmonk

Life Lessons


Sex equals rage (a spoken word poem)

by Brian_Dryer


by risenmonk


by Richap

"Here Goes Nothin'" Mixtape mixed by DJ Rob Riggs

by Bonus_Beats


by Richap


by Richap


by Richap


by Richap

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