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Art vs. Craft
Discussion started by somonoce , on 15 February 03:45 pm
This is always a hot topic...What do you feel about the labels "art" vs. "craft"? I belong to a Knitter's forum (Ravelry) and there is an art knitters group where someone recently said "An artist makes something purely for the sake of beauty. A craftsman makes something usable."... Needless to say, I felt i had to politely disagree and remind her that art can both be beautiful AND functional...think fabulous teapot...looks great on the shelf AND holds your tea!

What do you all think??
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There is all kinds of shades of gray with a question like this. At first thought, I think Art means pens, brushes, paints, etc... and Crafts means tools, such as knitting tools, scrapbooking, crochet... etc. But when I put even a little bit of thought into it... Art is open to interpretation, just as an individual painting is, the meaning of the word Art is as well. Figure Skating is an art, Photography is an art, Playing guitar is an art. Anything that is practiced and constantly being improved upon is a craft... scrapbooking is a craft, building a home is a craft... so really, unless your answering an employment ad for a craftsmen or an artist, why do we have to define one or the other as a specific category ? And I'm not saying you are, but we as a society do this all the time.

I have always thought of myself as a cartoonist, but now, even within the industry, that seems to imply that I draw a comic strip. I don't ... I draw cartoons... funny, non realistic drawings of people and animals. So that does that mean I'm a humorous illustrator and not a cartoonist ? I even refer to myself as a character designer.. but individuals who work for large animation studios have an entirely different definition for that title as well. Kinda crazy if you ask me.
Saturday, 19 February 2011 09:51
The creative mind is humorous! Fighting over something like this is the fighting that is going on between photography and computer art haha! There is a HUGE difference but those who are not into photography may not even know the difference.
I guess everyone needs to have something to debate.....

I asked Guy for a tea pot right? He brings home this decorative piece that in no way would I ever put it on anything hot!! Nor put anything inside of it that was hot. That example brought that memory up haha!

Regardless of what side someone is on we need to be happy that arts and crafts are still alive and well!! I think this is something we can all agree upon! :0)
Thursday, 17 February 2011 17:20
I think creating is creating (now I am ducking outta here just in case there is an onslaught of hissing ....)!
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 19:15
I agree with you! How about all the amazing architecture and furniture that has gorgeous form and creativity as well as functionality. Just because something hangs on a wall (or stands on a pedestal) does not automatically make it a superior art form to something that is also functional. As a visual artist I create both "fine" art pieces and "craft" art and utilize the same skills and creativity for both, even if the outcome if for a different reason. I think the lines between these art forms are becoming more and more blurred and this is a good thing as it opens our minds to more possibilities as to what art "is".
Just my 2 pennies....Happy Creating Everyone!
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 16:54
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