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Submitting Art for a Show
Discussion started by somonoce , on 15 December 08:06 am
I've noticed that Kym keeps posting lots of oppotunities for us to submit art (Thanks Kym!)...Has anyone put their work in for these or any other shows?

I have to admit that I'm tempted, but then fear of rejection stops me...Also fear of having to go to the show and stand in front of my work is slightly off-putting. Am i crazy? Any words of advice?
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There are many reasons one can be rejected from a show. The whim of the juror, whether or not your work fits their "vision" of the show, or perhaps they have had too many submissions by the time they get to yours. Rejection is not always personal, although it normally can feel that way because we invest so much of ourselves into our artwork.

To be honest, I rarely go to any of my shows. Most of them are on the East Coast or overseas and I live in California right now. That makes things a little easier. To test the waters, why don't you try submitting a piece to a show that you can't possibly go to in attempt to build up some confidence? I had 12 shows before I would start submitting to shows that I was within driving distance to.

The visitors to any show will be able to tell if you're nervous. There are some artists that we simply don't want to talk to because they look nervous, because they look uncomfortable, or because they are so on edge they look unpleasant. It helps a lot if you're engaging, if you smile, start conversations with the visitors. Think of it as a normal customer service gig where you great everybody with a smile and treat them with kindness. It's really no different.

I've been rejected from half a dozen shows, but that's fine because it helps me see what I need to do for the next time, perhaps what I did wrong, or perhaps how I misjudged my work in relation to the theme of the exhibit.
Saturday, 15 January 2011 14:53
Wishing you a successful, creative 2011!!
Friday, 24 December 2010 09:28
Thanks Lauren! i'm definitely building myself up to it...2011 will be a turning point for myself (i hope!)...This website is inspiring me to put myself out there at least!
Friday, 24 December 2010 06:01
Rejection, unfortunately, comes with the artistic territory and we artists are always more sensitive to it but also nothing better than the acceptances and getting your work out there! Be proud of what you do, and even though it might be tough, remember it's all subjective so what one person turns down another will want to hang on their wall!! :) GO FOR IT!!! :)
Wednesday, 22 December 2010 13:36
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