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Applications: My Music

Applications: My Music


If you want to add your own music, visit your “My Music” section then click “Add Music” link.


After doing that, you can now fill up the information form about your music.

This is the upper part of the page. You’ll start filling up the form in Title (of the music), Artist (you), Description (about your music) and Lyrics (you can include it if you want).


In the middle part, you will now upload your music. First, you click the “Search” button (aligned from music) and get the music file from your computer’s documents/files.


Click the music that you want to upload into your studio and then click the "Open" button.


For an additional primary photo/image to your music, click the "Search" button that aligned to the Artwork.


Choose a picture/image that you want from your computer's documents/files, then after that click the "Open" button.


This will be the outlook from your doings. If you want to preview your music, click the button aligned from the "preview" as shown below.


This is the lower part of the page. In here, you'll select from "Yes" or "No" if you want your music can be: Social Bookmarks, Published, Searchable, Comments, Frontpage. You're the one to decide if when it can Start and Finish publishing in the site. You can tag your music to your friends. Choose the category for your music.

And when you're done filling up all the information, click the "Submit Item" button.


  • Thursday, 11 November 2010
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